 in Your System Prompt

In my daily work, I often connect to Linux boxes from my Mac. With several terminal windows open, it’s nice to easily see which ones are connected to my local Mac, and which ones are connected to other machines. One can certainly insert the host name into the system prompt. Here’s an example that contains […]

Using Oracle in JRuby with Rails and Sequel

The Ruby culture prefers open source technologies, and when it comes to relational data bases, MySQL and Postgres are commonly used. However, there are times when the Rubyist will not be in a position to choose technologies and must inherit legacy decisions. For example, a common issue in the enterprise is the need to integrate […]

WordPress Administration with Ruby

(This article is about the wordpress_config_parser gem, whose project page is at https://github.com/keithrbennett/wordpress_config_parser.) The Problem I’ve just consolidated blogs, email accounts, and web site data from multiple hosting companies onto a single hosting account. The WordPress blogs are the most important assets, and I want a good backup plan for them. After some research, I […]