WordPress Administration with Ruby

(This article is about the wordpress_config_parser gem, whose project page is at https://github.com/keithrbennett/wordpress_config_parser.) The Problem I’ve just consolidated blogs, email accounts, and web site data from multiple hosting companies onto a single hosting account. The WordPress blogs are the most important assets, and I want a good backup plan for them. After some research, I […]

Ruby’s Forwardable

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Arlington Ruby User Group meeting in Arlington, Virginia. Marius Pop, a new Rubyist, presented on Ruby’s Forwardable module. Forwardable allows you to very succinctly specify that you want to define a method that simply calls (that is, delegates to) a method on one of the object’s […]

Conway’s Game of Life Viewer

Later this month I’ll be joining dozens of other coders at Ruby DCamp, where we’ll spend three days talking, coding, and camping. The first day is usually code katas (exercises), and often one of them is the implementation of Conway’s Game of Life. By design, there’s not enough time to do a complete implementation with […]